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Move&Track – Track your Activity

Move&Track Features

  • Track your sports activity when hiking, running or cycling
  • NEW: Export your tracks to gpx file format.
  • Display your track on map
  • Display the height profile of your track
  • Easy to use
  • Full control over your data
  • Save your tracks in MS OneDrive or export them to your local computer

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Download move&track from Microsoft App Store.

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  • Current altitude
  • Total Climb
  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Total runtime
  • Total distance
  • Current slope
  • Total descent
  • Current pace
  • Average pace
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximum height
  • Display height profile
  • Speech output of distance 
  • NEW: Export data to gpx file format. This file format can be uploaded to e.g. Strava. 


  • Measurement results: Results of your tracking are stored in xml format.  Further file formats are planned. Currently files can be stored locally on your mobile device or in MS OneDrive.
  • Quality of data: Note that quality of measurement data can vary due to weather conditions and satellite positions (dilution). If your device provides an altimeter (barometer) sensor, height difference is measured by the altimeter sensor. Absolut height is taken from GPS data. If no altimeter sensor is available, GPS data are used. If air pressure is displayed, your device provides an barometer (altimeter) sensor.
  • Local versus global data: Note furthermore that local data as current speed, slope etc. are less reliable than global data as total distance, since measurement errors are relatively greater with respect to those physical quantities. 
  • Slope: Calculation of slope requires an altimeter sensor, since GPS data are not precise enough.
  • Speech output: Speech output is currently available only for language "en-US". Make sure that you have installed this language under Settings->Time and Language->Speech Recognition.
  • Height profile: Height profile is calculated with respect to GPS altitude data. Using altimeter data (i.e. height differences) would require gauging the absolute height on tracking start. This will come with a later release.
  • Battery consumption: Note that battery consumption is much lower under screen lock. 

Move&Track is not an health app! Ask your doctor before training! Never ride beyond your ability!





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